Allergist offers desensitization to food allergic children: "There you go. Hit it"

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"Allergist Dr. Richard Wasserman started this food desensitization program 18 months ago. It's a rigorous, risky treatment that can last up to six months.

Dr. Wasserman admits there are allergists who think this treatment is too risky, exposes patients to much potential harm. Another allergist said that this is promising, but has not been studied enough.

Dr. Wasserman says the program costs about 5-thousand-dollars if all goes smoothly. Some insurance companies do pay for it."

What is the difference between desensitization and tolerance in food allergy?

Oral immunotherapy (OIT) successfully induced desensitization in peanut allergy. Can OIT induce tolerance too?

Desensitization is an increase in threshold of ingested food antigen needed to cause allergic symptoms (achieved w OIT).

Tolerance is the induction of long-term immunologic changes with the ability to ingest food without symptoms and WITHOUT ongoing THERAPY.

Oral immunotherapy (OIT) is not read for prime time yet, according to the leading food allergy experts from Mount Sinai, Duke University, and Johns Hopkins.


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The place of oral desensitization in the practice of allergy at this time is in flux - see why: 

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