Breathmobile’s asthma specialists will see your child - LA Times

From the LA Times:

When Ethan, 11, first got to the local Breathmobile, a free, rolling asthma and allergy diagnosis and treatment clinic, his lung capacity measured at only about 30%. But once there, he was prescribed a new drug and, at a visit last week (his fourth), Ethan was at 93% capacity and doing fine, according to his Breathmobile doctor.

"It's a pretty straightforward program," says Dr. Maria Garcia-Lloret, assistant professor of pediatric allergy and immunology at UCLA's Mattel Children's Hospital, which operates the Long Beach-area Breathmobile. "Parents bring their kids, and we figure out how to best treat them so that they improve and stay stable."

However, in a 2011 study, the Breathmobile program did not result in any significant improvements in asthma management.


Your Money / Your Health: Breathmobile’s asthma specialists will see your child -
The Breathmobile program: a good investment for underserved children with asthma.

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