Pollen.com adds new features for allergy season

The AAAAI offers a mobile "app" for pollen status updates as of December 2011. Go to pollen.aaaai.org on your mobile to see it, otherwise the regular PC browser redirects to the old page.

- A customizable dashboard – MyPollen – offers allergy information to registered users based on their geographic location

- Pollen Diary keeps track of symptoms

Pollen.com reportedly garners visitor traffic around 3 million per month during peak allergy season.

Pollen-producing plants (weeds and trees) in Omaha, Nebraska. V. Dimov, M.D.

Pollen.com adds new features for allergy season
Pollen.com - National Allergy Forecast for Today
‘Botanical sexism’ blamed for making life miserable for allergy sufferers as male trees fill city skies with pollen http://goo.gl/cx5tH
Tree and Plant Allergy Info - Botanic Reference Library at PollenLibrary.com 

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