"First Peanuts, Now Pets" - Pets in Airline Cabins Can Pose Allergy Risk

26% of European adults coming to the clinic for suspected allergy to inhalant allergens are sensitised to cats and 27% to dogs (Consensus document on dog and cat allergy http://bit.ly/2qYqzMQ).

From the NYTimes and the CMAJ:

1 in 10 people have allergies to animals, and for some, exposure to dogs and cats can set off an asthma attack or a life-threatening reaction like anaphylaxis.

“The thing about allergies is they’re unpredictable,” Dr. Stanbrook said. “You can have mild reactions for a long time and then have a severe one — it’s hard to predict.”

ACAAI President Says Peanut Bans Are An Overreaction To Food Allergies - NPR http://goo.gl/IH4jC - 122 comments and counting.
Dealbreaker: He's Allergic to My Cat. GOOD magazine, 2012.

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