Polyphenols in the skin of red tomatoes may improve asthma by inhibiting Th2 cytokine production from CD4 T cells

Some polyphenols possess anti-allergic activities. Naringenin chalcone is one of the polyphenols that is present in the skin of red tomatoes.

Japanese researchers investigated the effect of naringenin chalcone in allergic responses using a mouse model of allergic asthma. Allergic airway inflammation was induced by sensitization with ovalbumin. Naringenin chalcone was orally administrated daily.

Eosinophilic airway inflammation, airway hyperreactivity and Th2 cytokine production from CD4 T cells were suppressed by naringenin chalcone.

The study authors concluded that naringenin chalcone suppresses asthmatic symptoms by inhibiting Th2 cytokine production from CD4 T cells. Naringenin chalcone may be a useful supplement for the suppression of allergic symptoms in humans.

A 2012 review did not show a Significant Influence of Mediterranean Diet on Asthma Symptoms http://buff.ly/YcVEq0


Naringenin Chalcone Suppresses Allergic Asthma by Inhibiting the Type-2 Function of CD4 T Cells. Iwamura C, Shinoda K, Yoshimura M, Watanabe Y, Obata A, Nakayama T. Allergol Int. 2009 Dec 25;59(1). [Epub ahead of print]

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