Transcription factor PU.1 regulates TCR expression via GATA-3

The Ets transcription factor PU.1 is a master regulator for the development of multiple lineages during hematopoiesis. The expression of PU.1 is regulated during early T lineage development in the thymus.

Spi-1 (PU.1) 5' UTR regulatory element. Image source: Wikipedia, public domain.

PU.1 modulates the levels of TCR expression in CD4(+) T cells by regulating the DNA-binding activity of GATA-3.

GATA-3-dependent regulation of TCR expression is also observed in Th1 and Th2 cells.

Increased GATA-3 function in the absence of the antagonizing activity of PU.1 leads to:

- increased TCR expression
- reduced activation threshold
- increased homogeneity in Th2 populations

PU.1 regulates TCR expression by modulating GATA-3 activity. Chang HC, Han L, Jabeen R, Carotta S, Nutt SL, Kaplan MH. J Immunol. 2009 Oct 15;183(8):4887-94.

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