Senicapoc, a novel Gardos channel inhibitor, reduced asthmatic response to inhaled allergen

Gardos channel is a protein "pump" that expels intracellular potassium when activated by calcium. Gardos channel causes dehydration of sickle erythrocytes, its inhibition may serve as an antisickling strategy.

Oral senicapoc, Gardos channel inhibitor, reduced the late asthmatic response to a challenge of inhaled allergen

However, on 10/26/2009, Icagen Inc. said senicapoc failed the main goals of a midstage study, and it does not plan to keep developing the drug.

Icagen said that in the study of 69 patients randomly receiving either 40 mg of senicapoc daily or a placebo, the drug didn't improve the patients' exercise-induced asthma symptoms.

Icagen asthma drug senicapoc trial fails. Yahoo Finance, 2009.
Image source: Senicapoc. Wikipedia, public domain.

Updated: 10/27/2009

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