Mouse allergen associated with asthma in the community

Mouse allergen has long been recognized as an important cause of occupational allergy and asthma, but only recently has it been implicated as a culprit in community settings.

Mouse allergen is detectable in most US homes, with strikingly high levels in some inner cities. In particular, inner city homes in northeastern and Midwestern US cities have levels as much as 100-fold higher than other geographic regions.

About 25% of inner city children with asthma have evidence of IgE sensitization to mouse.

The combination of sensitization and exposure to higher levels of mouse allergen is associated with asthma, including hospitalizations.

Integrated pest management reduces mouse allergen levels and is recommended for sensitized patients with asthma.

Mind map diagram: Indoor allergens.

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Indoor Allergen Avoidance
Mouse allergen levels higher in schools than in homes
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