Do prostaglandin analogue-based eye drops (Latanoprost/Xalatan, etc.) used for glaucoma help patients who have a concurrent allergic conjunctivitis?

Not likely.

Latanoprost is a prostaglandin analogue and we already know that anti-prostaglandin therapy is effective in vernal conjunctivitis in particular:

One would expect some worsening of allergic conjunctivitis in patients treated with prostaglandin analogues for glaucoma but the evidence is not very convincing:

However, ocular allergic reactions induced by prostaglandin analogues themselves are well-described in the literature:

Bottom line: Prostaglandin analogue eye drops used in glaucoma do not help in allergic conjunctivitis and are possibly harmful.

Ocular antihistamines (eye drops) (click to enlarge the image)


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