Diet rich in nuts, seeds, olives, and wine decreases risk of asthma attacks

Varraso and colleagues analyzed dietary and asthma data from more than 1000 French women with asthma.

The aim of the study was to determine dietary patterns and investigate their association with asthma incidence, current asthma and frequent asthma exacerbations.

Three dietary patterns were identified:

- the "prudent" pattern (fruits and vegetables)
- the "Western" pattern (pizza/salty pies, dessert and cured meats)
- the "nuts and wine" pattern - a diet rich in nuts, seeds, olives, and wine

No association of dietary patterns was observed with asthma incidence, ever-asthma or current asthma.

The Western pattern was associated with an increased risk of reporting frequent asthma attacks (odds ratio (OR) 1.79).

Increasing scores of the nuts and wine pattern were associated with a decreased risk of reporting frequent asthma attacks (OR 0.65).

Dietary patterns and asthma in the E3N study. R. Varraso et al. Eur Respir J 2009; 33:33-41.
A high-fat meal augments neutrophilic airway inflammation, suppresses bronchodilator recovery in asthma. JACI, 2011.
Image source: A bowl of kalamata olives. Wikipedia, GNU Free Documentation License.


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