Twitter Updates from the 2009 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI)

Press releases from the annual AAAAI meeting (ongoing now) are available here:

Twitter updates by some of the attendees can be found on Twitter search using the search term "AAAAI" or the hashtag #AAAAI. A few selected Twitter posts (also called tweets or updates) are listed below. I will update the list as more updates are added during the conference.

From wheezemd:

  • Major changes at the AAAAI meeting. One can tell the cutbacks by the pharma companies.
  • Allergists in a state of funk-the economy and health care reform - it's the unknown that leads to stress.
  • Is the Medical Home concept just another name for a new gatekeeper system?
  • At AAAAI plenary session on food allergy. Few common allergens with high cross-reactivity. Example fish.
  • #AAAAI peanut allergen Ara h 2 and 6 not affected by heat and heat increases antigenicity Ara h 1 in some patients.
  • #AAAAI Ara h 1 doesn't lose antigenicity by gastic digestion.
  • At World Allergy Journal meeting. Need for manuscripts for the online journal.
  • Interesting study combining an intranasal steroid and an intranasal antihistamine showing added benefit in allergic rhinitis.

From JoyHCN:

  • The AAAAI Saturday morning Plenary: Food Allergy: State of the Science is PACKED!!
  • AAAAI press room is bare bones this year. But it's kind of cool to get all the materials on a thumb drive rather than a heavy conf book
  • Dr. Bischoff: Future therapies for food allergy may include probiotics and intestinal therapies... #AAAAI
  • Extrapolated FDA numbers show there r about 125K food allergy related visits to the ER annually, 14K of which r due 2 anaphylaxis #AAAAI
  • Sampson: Skin prick tests and IgE tests alone wil likely way over diagnose food allergies. #AAAAI #food allergy
  • Sampson: Without a complete or reliable medical history, a food challenge test is necessary to Dx food allergies #AAAAI
  • As Sampson has said many times b4, yes, it is possible to outgrow food allergies, milk and egg most commonly outgrown #AAAAI
  • Peanut, tree nut and shellfish allergies, though, are less commonly outgrown, thought it's still possible #AAAAI
  • #AAAAI sitting among all these docs, furiously typing on my laptop to Tweet, I'm getting some funny looks LOL!
  • As b4, the best food allergy therapy is still strict avoidance and carrying epinephrine. Sorry food allergy plp, same old same old #AAAAI
  • Audio & video recording of educational sessions @ #AAAAI is prohibited; Assume that DOESN'T include blogging/tweeting
  • For those who want 2 B research cool, a "murine model" just means research in mice
  • The first state to have more than 25% of its adult pop obese was Mississippi in 2001. By 2007, the "thinnest" state was CO w/15%-20% obesity
  • Have 2 admit that Tweeting live is a lil distracting. Paying more attention 2 what's happening on Twitter than 2 the speaker. Hmm...
  • Overheard a doc 2 another doc "I'm looking for earth shattering. I want u to tell me something & I go wow! There's no wow this year" #AAAAI
  • "Give me something I can take back to NY that I can use to help my patients. I haven't seen that yet here" #AAAAI
  • Makes me wonder, what role do conferences serve now when people can get new info instantaneously on Twitter, RSS feeds, mag subs etc? #AAAAI
  • Excellent point. There is no substitute for a face to face meeting, so I think conferences are still useful. @allergicgirl #AAAAI
  • There are some successful, but small, studies being done on the use of traditional Chinese medicine on food allergies & eczema #AAAAI
  • DO NOT try food allergy challenges at home! Can incredibly dangerous, Dr. A. Wesley Burks. Also see #AAAAI
  • Burks: In the next few years, there will likely B "active treatment" 4 food allergies besides strict avoidance, today's only therapy #AAAAI
  • So far, the most interesting things have bn early success of Mt. Sinai's trad Chinese med studies on food allergy, asthma, eczema #AAAAI
  • FYI, the gold standard test for food allergies is a doctor supervised food challenge. Pretty scary gold standard #AAAAI
  • Dr. Wood disagrees with Dr. Burks: he says an FDA-approved therapy for food allergies is well more than 10 years away #AAAAI
  • Fish & Shellfish r most common food allergy in U.S. considering all ages. In children, milk & egg allergy r most common, NOT peanut #AAAAI
  • U wanna prevent a deadly food allergy anaphylaxis rxn: "No epi, no eatie!" Always have an epi pen and know how to use it #AAAAI
  • Study of 4 child asthma deaths: all overused rescue inhalers, none had asthma action plan, none consistently used controller meds #AAAAI
  • 1 boy, 14 yo, African American, died WHILE USING his albuterol nebulizer! Had stayed home from school previous day b/c of asthma. #AAAAI
  • Also, 33% of asthma-related fatalities happened in patients classified as having MILD disease (according to a 1992 Australian study) #AAAAI
  • ER docs might be part of the food allergy fatality problem: many mistake anaphylaxis allergic rxns 4 asthma attacks & mistreat #AAAAI
  • Take home notes: ER docs & PCP should B aware of any allergies their asthmatic patients have as a rxn may B anaphylaxis, not asthma #AAAAI
  • Have food allergies, go nowhere & eat nothing w/o having an epi pen on u. Fatal rxns more likely in plp who had mild rxns B4 #AAAAI
  • Uncontrolled asthma is #1 factor in fatal allergy shot rxns. Docs should reconsider admin of shots if pt's asthma isn't controlled #AAAAI
  • What's your asthma personality? Your life may depend on it #AAAAI
  • Take home note: Asthmatic kids (& adults) should have an asthma action plan at school. #AAAAI
  • "Asthma is a nighttime disease b/c some protective effects, corticosteroids & adrenalin, diminish @ night," Busse #AAAAI

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