Influenza vaccination in egg allergy

CDC video: Why Flu Vaccination Matters: Personal Stories from Families Affected by Flu. Evidence supports the relatively safe administration of influenza vaccine to individuals with egg allergy when specific protocols are followed.

Egg-allergic patients without anaphylaxis to egg may safely receive the influenza vaccine in a 2-dose, graded fashion without a vaccine skin test. Safety of Influenza Vaccine Administration in Egg-Allergic Patients. Pediatrics, Vol. 125 No. 5 May 2010, pp. e1024-e1030. Most children with milk and egg allergy tolerate extensively heated forms of these foods


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Tolerance to egg-containing baked foods (cake, bread) does not exclude the possibility of egg allergy (AAAAI Ask The Expert).
Most egg-allergic children can be vaccinated with a low ovalbumin influenza vaccine without prior vaccine testing Trivalent influenza vaccine is safe even in children with histories of severe egg allergy, single dose was well tolerated. Annals, 2012.
The Flu Vaccine Is Safer Than We Knew - Even for children with egg allergies

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