Heterogeneity and unreliable response with commercially available timothy grass pollen extracts

Skin prick testing and immunotherapy are currently performed with allergen extracts prepared from natural allergen sources.

The authors analyzed commercial timothy grass pollen allergen extracts used for in vivo diagnosis regarding their qualitative and quantitative allergen composition and in vivo biological activity.

Antibodies specific for 8 timothy grass pollen allergens (Phl p) were used to detect these allergens in timothy grass pollen extracts from 4 manufacturers. The magnitude of skin responses was assessed by skin prick testing in 10 grass pollen-allergic patients.

Skin prick testing on the left side of the back shows a negative control (1), a positive control (2) and multiple positive tests to trees and grass (3-20).

The allergen extracts showed broad variations in protein compositions. Heterogeneous skin test results were obtained with the extracts in grass pollen-allergic patients.

Problems related to natural pollen extracts may be circumvented by using defined recombinant grass pollen allergens.

Pollen-producing plants (weeds and trees). V. Dimov, M.D.

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