Video: How to do nasal irrigation

This ABC video provides a good explanation on how to use nasal irrigation with saline which may be helpful in patients with chronic rhinitis and rhinosunusitis.

The technique of nasal irrigation has been around for centuries and is part of yoga practices but has not been commercialized until recently.

One of the popular products is the Sinus Rinse™ Kit which consists of a squeeze-bottle and dissolvable packages. The manufacturing company NeilMed Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a physician-founded and family-owned business founded by Ketan C. Mehta, MD, president, and his wife Nina Mehta, chief executive officer. Dr. Mehta is a practicing pulmonoligist in Santa Rosa, Calif.

Dr. Mehta brings his video distribution costs to zero by using YouTube to host his instructional videos:

SinusRinse video

More on the ancient origins of nasal irrigation from Wikipedia:

Nasal irrigation is an ancient Ayurvedic technique known as jala neti, which literally means nasal cleansing with water in Sanskrit, where the practitioner uses a neti pot to perform the irrigation.

Jala neti, though relatively less known in Western culture, is a common practice in parts of India and other areas in South Asia, performed as routinely as brushing one's teeth using a toothbrush. It is performed daily, usually as the first thing in the morning with other cleansing practices. It may also be performed at the end of the day if one works or lives in a dusty or polluted environment.

Does nasal rinsing help against allergies? Yes, if your patient is willing to use it. Many patients dislike the method.

Rhinosinusitis: Saline sinus rinse recipe by AAAAI - PDF:

ABC Video: How to do nasal irrigation. ABC.
Video: Nasal irrigation (nasal lavage). Mayo Clinic.

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