Despite Recommendations: Most Asthmatics in the U.S. Not Vaccinated Against Influenza

Despite being at increased risk for influenza-related complications, 2/3 of asthmatics in the US are not vaccinated against influenza each year.

Since 1964, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices has recommended that all persons with asthma receive influenza vaccination.

Egg-allergic patients without anaphylaxis to egg may safely receive the influenza vaccine in a 2-dose, graded fashion without a vaccine skin test. Safety of Influenza Vaccine Administration in Egg-Allergic Patients. Pediatrics, Vol. 125 No. 5 May 2010, pp. e1024-e1030.

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  1. Did this study include any information about egg allergies? My four year old asthmatic son cannot receive a flu shot because one of his eight food allergies is to egg.

    Children with food allergies have a higher incidence of asthma. There is a real need for a flu vaccine that is NOT cultured in egg, but I doubt that there is enough profit in making it to get a pharmaceutical company to do so.