What makes a peanut-allergic mother most happy? A negative RAST to all nuts for her daughter

Read the full story at Oh Yeah, and about those RAST results....:

"With his best 'serious' face, he said, "All negative. To all nuts. Bella's RAST results for her peanut allergy (all and other nuts for that matter) were NEGATIVE. And he wants to know if we want to do a food challenge."

At this point I burst into tears and fell into his arms. Uncontrollable sobs. I could NOT believe it. I was expecting a low level at best. But negative? Unbelievable.

I called my folks (my mom is anaph. to shellfish so she REALLY 'gets it'), while my wonderful husband opened a bottle of wine to celebrate, and we sobbed together. The feeling of relief that I had was incredible."

This post is part of our "Patient Perspective" series.

Image source: Wikipedia, public domain.

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