Video: ASTHMA IQ Web Tool for Asthma Care

From MedPage Today:

ASTHMA IQ is an evidence-based online system for improving the way clinicians care for asthma patients. The system is designed to walk physicians through the key components of new asthma management guidelines, said Thomas Casale, M.D., of Creighton in Omaha, the president of AAAAI. ASTHMA IQ is an acronym for Asthma Specialist Tool to Help Manage Asthma and Improve Quality.

"If you develop guidelines and nobody implements them, you're not getting anywhere," Dr. Casale said. "I think this is the tool that will clearly help clinicians implement the recommendations from the guidelines, and ultimately result in greater cost efficiency and, most importantly, enhanced patient care."

I had the chance to try ASTHMA IQ during the AAAAI meeting in Philadelphia and I found it easy to use and potentially useful. Currently, you have to be a member of the academy or a fellow in order to train with the product. It would be nice if AAAAI decides to open the website to the wider physician community in the future.

AAAAI: Asthma Academy Unveils Web Tool for Asthma Care. MedPage Today, 03/2008.

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