Sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) for treatment of asthma

Sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) is used for treatment of rhinitis but its efficacy and safety in asthma is currently not well documented.

A Chest meta-analysis included 9 studies with a total of 441 patients. There was a significant reduction in symptoms and medication use following SLIT.

The authors concluded that SLIT reduces both symptoms and rescue medication use in children with allergic asthma compared to placebo.

Metaanalysis of the Efficacy of Sublingual Immunotherapy in the Treatment of Allergic Asthma in Pediatric Patients, 3 to 18 Years of Age. Chest. 2008; 133:599-609.
Editorial: Is Sublingual Immunotherapy "Ready for Prime Time"? R. G. Townley. Chest, March 1, 2008; 133(3): 589 - 590.
Sublingual immunotherapy is an extremely complex issue in the U.S. - AAAAI

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