FreeMD: A Virtual Doctor Makes A List of Likely Diagnoses Online is website which conducts a short interview starting with the main symptom and assembles a list of likely diagnoses. The questions and answers are done via short pre-recorded videos by a real physician.

Try some allergy-related queries like "rash", "runny nose", "wheezing" to see how it works.

The website can also be used for education of medical students and residents -- it guides you through the high-yield questions and the most likely causes of symptoms.

In my tests, the online diagnostic tool FreeMD worked well, and due to its large number of pre-recorded videos, it was interactive and fun to use. Dr. Val and Happy Hospitalist also tried the website with a few different scenarios but they did not think it was ready for clinical use:

Diagnosis Without Physician Input: Russian Roulette Online

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  1. Anonymous3/09/2008

    I used this when my kids got sick. It gave me good advice and saved an expensive visit to the ER.
    Mary Jones
    Orlando, Florida

  2. Anonymous9/25/2011

    The site clearly notes that it does not give diagnoses, but performs a triage to helps us make a decision where to go. When you step in the ER door are you questioned by a doc first?