A Doctor Runs His Practice Via Email

According to Reuters:

"Dr. Stark has moved most of his practice, based in Washington, onto the Internet and he couldn't be happier. Since he started his Web-based service two years ago, he has received 14,000 e-mails.

Stark rents a waiting room and two examination rooms from his two former partners. He employs only Norris-Bell -- his rent includes the use of technicians to draw blood and do other specialized tasks. He figures he saves at least $50,000 a year on staff costs alone.

He does not accept any insurance, public or private, although he will help fill out the paperwork that allows patients to claim reimbursement from their insurers."

This could be a way to cut down the cost of running a practice.

Dr. Stark's website is maintained by the company he started -- DoctorsOnTheWeb.

Internet helps doctor get back to basics. Reuters.

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Image source: Wikipedia

Updated: 06/24/2008

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