Video Lectures in Immunology

University of South Carolina

Video Lectures in Immunology These are the same videos from the University of South Carolina but hosted on a different website.

University of Cambridge

Immunology I & II
MIT OpenCourseWare

Immunology: Lecture Series
Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Allergy and Immunology Lectures at the University of South Florida. USF (University of South Florida, USA) Allergy & Immunology Lecture Series. The 55-minute lectures are recorded in wma format and are best viewed by using Windows Media Player software.


Sites of Medical/Scientific Videos: The List. ScienceRoll, 08/2007.


  1. I have been collecting video lectures for 1.5 years now.

    My blog is at Free Science Online.

    Here are medicine video lectures: Medicine Video Lectures

    I have also collected maths, physics, computer science, biology, engineering and many other lectures!

    Peteris Krumins

  2. I liked No need to go to different websites. The streaming videos are available for viewing plus lots of other resources like Animations, Lecture Notes, Online Tests (USMLE) etc.
    This website Rocks!!!