Review: Eosinophilic disorders

Eosinophilic disorders. Current reviews of allergy and clinical immunology/Series.
JACI, Volume 119, Issue 6, Pages 1291-1300 (June 2007).

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A free videocast/podcast of a related lecture from the 2006 ACAAI meeting is also available: Eosinophil Gastrointestinal Disorders. Marc E. Rothenberg, MD, PhD.

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Fig 1. Molecular and cellular pathways by which eosinophils potentially modulate the local tissue immune microenvironment. JACI, 2007.
Eosinophils: Singularly destructive effector cells or purveyors of immunoregulation? JACI, Volume 119, Issue 6, Pages 1313-1320 (June 2007)
Image source: Wikipedia, a free GNU license.

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